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Our co-op’s superintendents are Rafael and Maritza. They reside in the basement apartment in B building.

The superintendents receive their instructions from the Managing Agent, and the shareholders are not to conflict with same.

The supers’ responsibilities include:

  1. Cleaning: Maintain general clean and tidy appearance inside and outside the building at all times.

  2. All halls, inside and outside stairs, basement and laundry shall be swept with a broom, and mopped when necessary, using a disinfectant.

  3. Sidewalks all around the building and the rear courtyard and its exit should be swept with a broom.

  4. All entry doors and windows should be washed as needed to be clean.

  5. Patios shall be kept neat and the garden shall be kept well maintained.

  6. Garbage: Insure all tenants follow house rules for depositing garbage or recycle materials in the appropriate container. The garbage is to be placed where it is supposed to be for pickup by the town.

  7. Snow Removal: All snow and ice must be promptly removed from all steps and sidewalks surrounding the building.


  9. Posting of Notices: The Superintendent will post notices to tenants on the bulletin board, or as the owner designates.

  10. Boilers: Drain weekly only enough to remove sludge.

  11. Lighting: Ensure all common area lights are working properly and replace bulbs as needed.

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