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A roommate is a person who lives with you who is not a member of your immediate family, is not a guest, and pays up to 50% of maintenance and utilities. The New York State Roommate Law allows a shareholder to have a roommate, but only if the shareholder is the only person who signed the Proprietary Lease and as long as the unit is the shareholder's primary residence. 

If you choose to have a roommate, you must inform the co-op board in writing (via the Managing Agent) of the existence of your roommate within 30 days of the roommate’s having moved in. In your email, include the name and contact information of your roommate. Carolin Gardens requires that any roommate staying for longer than 3 months must be introduced to the board at one of its monthly meetings.

The shareholder is responsible for making sure the roommate understands and follows all house rules.

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