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Our lovely common gardens (in front of each building and in the back courtyard) are maintained by the co-op’s Garden Committee. If you have an interest in or talent for gardening, please contact a member of the Garden Committee. Please do not plant or remove anything in our gardens without prior permission from the committee.


The committee also organizes 2 clean-up days (in the spring and fall) and all shareholders are encouraged to help out on those days.


The back courtyard (running behind all five buildings) is available to all shareholders and their guests. When using the courtyard, please be respectful of other shareholders and keep noise to a minimum. Please keep the garden gates locked, including during the day. If you need a key to the garden, please contact Wagner and Kelly. 


If you plan to have a BBQ, please do so only in the designated grill areas behind B, C, and E building.  All gatherings should end by 10 PM to avoid disturbing your neighbors.    

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