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Community Room/Gym

The community room and new gym are open for use by coop residents at their own discretion.  


The co-op has a Community Room/Gym in the basement of E building. The room is for resident use only.


  1. The gym facility is for the use of residents of the coop only.

  2. No children are allowed on the gym equipment under the age of 12.

  3. No one is allowed on the gym equipment under the age of 16 without adult supervision.

  4. The gym hours are: M-F 7 am - 10 pm and Sat & Sun 8 am – 10 pm.

  5. Be respectful of your neighbors; no unnecessary loudness or music without headphones.

  6. All equipment must be wiped down when finished with use.

  7. Return the treadmill to its original position before shutting it down.

  8. Turn off the lights and close and lock the basement door when leaving. Close any windows if you opened them for ventilation.

  9. Please be security conscious.

  10. TREADMILL- you MUST return the treadmill to a level/flat position before turning it off. Leaving it in an incline position can damage the machine over time.

Please contact MA or a member of the gym committee if there is an issue with the gym equipment so service can be arranged. If you do not know how to use a machine, please ask or look it up so that we can keep our new machines in good working order. 


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