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Our co-op relies on a board of directors to oversee operations and make decisions for the benefit of all shareholders. The board keeps track of regular expenses, prioritizes extraordinary expenses, and hires contractors to maintain the building or make capital improvements.


The board is not only responsible for the corporation’s finances, but also for the quality of life in our buildings. It interviews and either approves or rejects prospective shareholders and sublessees, formulates and enforces house rules, and other policies, and decides whether to install new amenities.


The board meets once a month to analyze operations during the preceding month and to discuss and make policy decisions. All shareholders are welcome to attend the open sessions of the monthly Board meetings if requested in advance (see Board Meetings).


Our board consists of nine members. Board members are elected once a year during the co-op’s annual shareholders’ meeting, generally held in March. If you are interested in being a board member or volunteering for the co-op in another capacity, contact the board by reaching out to Wagner and Kelly


Current Carolin Gardens Board members are as follows:

(March 2023- March 2024)

Doug Condon, President, E6
Jean Clancy, Vice-President,  E5

Niall Costello, Treasurer, E26
Chelsea Raffellini, Secretary, C25

Michael Almon, A26
Jean Clancy, E5

Pat Flynn D44
Muiris Dore, B25
Ying Yang, A4

Jonathan Moreland, B5

Board of Directors

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