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Alterations & Renovations

In general, the Board encourages shareholders to make improvements in their apartments; it only aims to make sure that alterations and renovations are not unduly disruptive to other residents or damaging to the structural integrity of the building. For this reason, if you wish to make an alteration in your apartment — including the installation of any appliance that connects to water or gas pipes, plumbing fixtures, taking down walls, or rewiring or other electrical work — you must contact our Managing Agent and obtain Board approval before you begin any work. Failure to do so constitutes a serious violation of the Proprietary Lease.


Before initiating any alterations, you will be asked to fill out and sign an Alteration Agreement spelling out the co-op’s policies and requirements. Generally, these specify that all contractors used must be licensed and insured, and work can only take place between the hours of 9 AM. and 5 PM. If an inspection is involved, there will be $250 inspection fee, payable to the Managing Agent.


When structural work is involved, the Board may elect to have the co-op’s engineer or architect review plans, drawings, or specifications of the alteration at the shareholder’s expense.


Once you have received approval for your alteration or renovation, you should post a notice on your building’s bulletin board to inform your neighbors about the construction schedule at least 1 week in advance.   

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